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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just last night

I was caught by surprise. He pushed me onto my back, and climbed on top of me. What was he planning? We were fully clothed and ready to head out the door. He roughly pulled my hands over my head and pinned them to the bed. I tried to get away, but I don't know why. The rougher he was, the more trapped I felt, the more turned on I became. He repositioned my hands straight out from my sides and pinned my knees to my chest with his body. He forced himself on me. It felt like we were fucking. I was expecting him to stop at any time, and leave me hanging. He knows how much I love to be tortured like that.

He ripped my pants open, and shoved his hand down between my legs. I arched my back with the intense pleasure. I felt an orgasm coming. He must have sensed it too. He pulled his hand away, and flipped me over. He pulled my pants down just far enough to have full access. He was going to do exactly what he wanted, and I couldn't stop him.

Quicker than I can express he licked my pussy, shoved fingers inside me, licked me again... My mind went blank and I just let shockwave after shockwave wash over me.

He decided he wanted my ass, and he knew I couldn't stop him. First one finger, then two... When he could tell I was ready, he gave me what I really wanted: his cock. He fucked me so hard I started to slide off the bed. I used all the strength I had to hold on. I didn't want anything interrupting him. I could feel his hands gripping my hips as he slammed into me. Over and over that delightful sensation rippled through me.

I found some secret reserve of strength and pushed myself up and back into him. Matching slam for slam, climax approaching... One final thrust, moans escaping...

We both fell forward trying to catch our breath.

This better happen again real damn soon.


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Monday, August 15, 2005

Can we do it again?

"Are you fighting me?"
"Would you like me to?", I asked.
"You can try."

And I did. When he tried to touch me, I did everything I could to resist. I pulled his arms away. I used my legs to push him away, or prevent him from 'violating' me. He fought back just as hard. It turned into a sexual wrestling match. He would reach between my legs - and just when he thought he had me where he wanted me - I would make my move.
The fun would begin again!
He grabbed my hair, and using it as a handle, positioned my head right where he wanted it. Where he wanted it was wrapped around his cock. But I showed him! When he would relax his grip enough, I let it slip out between my lips and smiled evilly up at him. With renewed strength, he would force me to take it again.
Eventually, I didn't want to resist anymore. What he was doing felt so good! I held my legs open for him to have easier access. I gave myself over to him and shuddered with an orgasm.
After taking a minute to breathe, I swung my leg over him, and proceeded to slide back and forth.

"It wasn't as easy as you thought it was going to be, was it?", I said, referring to me fighting him.
"Nothing I couldn't handle. I enjoyed myself."

I stopped moving.

"Enjoyed? Does that mean you're done?"
"I don't know. You'll have to convince me.", he said coyly.

A challenge!
I renewed sliding my wetness over his penis. I arched my back to show him how much I liked it... And to show him how good it would feel if he were actually inside me. I leaned forward to flick my tongue over his nipples, and to run my hands over his arms. Very quickly, I sat up, grabbed his arms, and held them over his head. He was at my mercy.
When I let his arms go (awhile later), I did so by gently running my nails down his arms and sides. I figured by now he was ready to enter me. And that's exactly where I placed him slow inch at a time. After giving him another evil look, I began to move. While staying on top, I changed the angle. And yet again. I restrained his arms once more, and picked up the pace.
I shifted into a squatting position, and rode him straight up and down.
When he decided he was fully "convinced", he flipped us over to begin some thrusting of his own.

"Harder, honey. Really hard."

He started fucking me in earnest. I completely gave in to the sensation. When he released, I felt it too.


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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Been awhile, but still active

The plan was to have a non-sex night. We both agreed it was something we needed. When the night arrived, I wasn't so sure I wanted to skip the sex. I was going to play it by ear.
Then he kissed me. Oh shit.
From that moment, I could feel the tension rising. At least it was for me. I wasn't sure how he felt - I was too blinded by my lust to pick up on it. I practiced self-control, and tried to stop the constant loop running in my head. The loop that was reminding me how it felt to be with him. Sitting near him at his work, breathing him in, fighting the memories...
He kissed me again. Oh, why fight it??
He pressed my body between him and the wall. I wanted him to take me there. He turned me to face away from him, unfastened and slid my pants down. I was so exposed...
I knew he had dropped his pants when I felt something smooth and strong between my thighs.
He turned me back around, and down. I was willing. I built up a rhythm, and then backed off it, built it up, and backed off... I wanted him to last. He stopped me, and we left to go to pick up my car. It was time for me to go home. As disappointed as I was, I tried to get past it. On my way out, I bit his neck.
All bets were off!
It didn't matter what time it was, that I had to go, or that we had already said goodbye a few times. He attacked. Next thing I knew, we were both naked. I watched him take the few strides to get to me - in slow motion. He ordered me to the floor, and forcefully tongued me to orgasm.
Before I had even recovered, I motioned him up. I didn't want to wait even one more second!
He slid right in. It felt like it was piercing my stomach!
He lifted me onto the couch;
He turned my ass toward him;
He laid down on top of me, and I felt his full weight;
He had me go to the other couch...

"I love fucking you."
"I love you fucking me."

He climaxed, and I held on tight.

After catching my breath, I have to say: Best way to relax, ever!


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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Picking up the pieces

I entered a dark house. I was returning home after being with my lover. I quietly got ready for bed.
I kneeled on the bed next to him.

"Hey, wake up.", I said.


"I want you to cum."

"Oh? He wasn't enough for you?", he said.

"No. He didn't finish."

I pulled his shorts off, and straddled his body. He was already hard. I slid back and forth along the shaft of his penis a few times -- enough to get him wet. I couldn't wait any longer. I placed him inside me, sliding all the way down. I grabbed onto the headboard and began to speed up. In my mind, I was screaming, "Harder! Harder!", but I was only screaming it to myself.
He rolled me over, pushing my knees back to my shoulders. He paused for just a second, which was enough for me to notice I really wanted him inside me, and then he penetrated deeply. He worked up a rhythm, steadily speeding up. I could feel it building.
Still building...
Finally, he gave me what I wanted. I felt him release, and I grabbed onto him to enjoy the ride with him.

I fell asleep peacefully, without any frustration, after that. I am grateful to have him.


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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Short and not so sweet

"What do you say we go in the bedroom, lube up, bend me over...?" My idea.

We did.

He snatched my clothes off, pushed me back on the bed running his firm hands up and down my body. He placed his body on mine, holding me down with his weight. He was biting me where I was already bruised. I felt my skin explode with goosebumps from the first bite.
He pulled me up, and flipped me over. He stroked the warming lube on his penis. He wrapped his hands around my hips, and slammed into me. Grabbing my hair by the base of my ponytail, he pulled me up. Any further and my fingertips would have left the bed, and I would have been hanging by my hair...
He suddenly let go, and I dropped. He pushed me even farther down, using his weight to press me into the mattress. He was close enough to bite. He chose all the right spots. They were clearly marked by previous bite marks.

I felt his excitement building, and knew it wouldn't be long now.

One final slam, and I could feel his release.

"So, do you feel fucked now?", he said.


  • At 10:26 AM, February 07, 2005, Blogger BawdyEclectic said…

    Wow...powerful stuff, really make me feel the action!

  • At 2:02 PM, February 07, 2005, Blogger Satin Sheath said…

    Thank you, BE. You are too sweet!

  • At 11:53 PM, February 08, 2005, Blogger Moi said…

    so hot for such a brief story....very good!

  • At 1:24 AM, February 09, 2005, Blogger Satin Sheath said…

    Thanks, Moi! Sometimes short can be hotter than long... Gets right to the point! :)
    BTW, I've really been enjoying your blog. Keep up the growing and changing!! This is one girl that's impressed by all the searching and exploring you do to find exactly what fits. :)

  • At 1:54 AM, February 09, 2005, Blogger PKD said…

    Just then a bloke erupted into the snug with a fiver. The music stopped. Jaws dropped, and darts hung in mid-air. "Drinks all round!" he roared, "FOR ME!"

    I run up and kicked him with all I had in the head. Then, I got down on my knees and, butting him in the stonks, tore off his ears. He screamed when I bit him twice in the eyes.

  • At 11:49 AM, February 10, 2005, Blogger Mr. RB said…

    damn girl... Now you got me all hot and bothered... phew


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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Take me...

He was sitting outside enjoying the warm night.
Looking at him made me so hot. I went into the house and partially undressed. I took my shirt off to release my breasts, and I removed my panties. I wanted him to have the easiest access possible. But I didn't want him to know what I was thinking right away. I put my pants back on, and covered my top half with a zipped up sweatshirt.
I went back outside to sit with him. As we were talking, I stood in front of him and unzipped my sweatshirt, exposing my naked flesh. He looked on with appreciation and lust -- which matched my own. He knew what I wanted.
He reached up to caress me, and his touch sizzled. My head whipped back with the sensation.
He ran his hands all over my body, with the exception of going between my legs. He knew how much I loved to be teased. He would wait until the last possible moment before touching me where I craved it the most.
He pushed me up against the front of the truck, kissing me the entire time.
I loved that anyone could drive by, or the neighbors could come outside, and see us. I was so turned on, I hoped someone would watch.
He turned me around, and bent me over until I was laying face-down on the truck. He pressed up against me, and stroked my body everywhere -- except where I needed it.
I didn't want to be teased any longer, but he teased me some more.
When I completely gave in, and gave up any hope of persuading him, he noticed. That's what he was waiting for. He pulled my pants down, shoved his face between my legs, and began licking my clit so fast, it took my breath away. I started looking around for something to hang on to because I didn't think my legs would hold out much longer. When the orgasm hit, surprising me, it was explosive.
While I was still recovering, he stood up and quickly penetrated me. I gasped aloud with pleasure. He knew exactly what I needed, and when to give it to me. He fucked me hard, slamming into me for all he was worth. Since I hadn't found anything to grab onto, I was at his mercy.
And I loved it.
I felt the heat rising between us, and knew the end was coming. I felt it, I welcomed it, I encouraged it...
It was there. We are joined in that moment, unlike any other time.

I catch my breath, look around to see if anyone noticed, and pull myself together -- still relishing the afterglow.


  • At 4:54 PM, December 02, 2004, Blogger Mr. RB said…

    Damn. Love a nice wicked wench like yourself

  • At 4:55 PM, December 08, 2004, Blogger BawdyEclectic said…

    Very nice, have a flowing style that sweeps the reader from one scene to the next. You can also tell that you write from a spot inside you of pure passion. Keep it up! Oh, to be an encounter one day! ;)



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Thursday, November 25, 2004

A Beautiful Thing

He turned on the red light. His body slid into bed next to mine. It was a comforting thrill I hadn't felt in a long time. I wrapped myself in and around him. I couldn't get close enough. When he began to stroke my body with his hands, I could feel goosebumps trailing his path. His body and mine pressing together felt like a long-time craving being satisfied.
And then he bit me.
I felt electrical shockwaves shoot up and down my body. I gasped aloud. I grabbed on to him tighter than before.
I bit back.
I felt his body react. His back arched. He let out a low moan. I felt his strong hands tighten their grip.
He had it in mind to tease me. But he wasn't telling.
He slid down my body until his face was level with my clit. He stayed there until I started to get wet, and then stopped. He moved back up, and before I could say anything, penetrated me.
He changed rhythms. He changed positions. This man had gotten me so worked up - and all this before an orgasm. He knew I loved the anticipation more than the culmination of it all.
When it was to the point I had forgotten about my own orgasm, and was thinking only about his, he stopped. While I was still adjusting to the change, he had already made his way back down. And this time he wasn't teasing.
I felt the excitement, tension, heat building to the point of explosion. And then I did explode. My body arched, goosebumps ran up and down the length of me, my muscles tensed and then relaxed -- I felt as though all the day's/week's/month's stresses drained from me.
He still wasn't done.
He penetrated me again. This time, instead of keeping it varied, he did my favorite thing of all. He pounded a steady rhythm into me.
When he came, it was a beautiful thing. I held on to him, he held on to me, and we rode the wave together.


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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Had To Have It

The tension had been building between us for a long while. It became more intense each time I stopped in at his show.
One night, neither one of us could take it anymore. We snuck out to his van in the parking lot. We couldn't get caught -- or he would get fired.
But we still took the chance. We knew it had to be fast. He couldn't be gone long enough to be missed.
Once inside the van, we attacked each other. I instantly got wet. He was hard. We were ready.
He bent me over, and took me from behind. He grabbed my ass, pounded into me -- as I searched for something to grab on to. He took that choice away from me. He grabbed my long hair, and pulled me towards him. It was the first time anyone had ever done that to me. I loved it!
We were moving furiously into one another. I noticed the van moving. I knew if anyone happened by, we were caught. But we were both beyond caring.
We finished in an explosion, and collapsed to the floor, while trying to catch our breath.
After a couple minutes, we pulled ourselves together, and headed back inside with the knowledge that we got away with it.


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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


He didn't ask for my name, and I didn't give him mine.
We went into the woods bordering the party we were both attending.
It was a mutual one time event. We only undressed enough to allow penetration. He put the condom on, and we had sex-- doggie-style. It was fast. It was hard.
It was worth it.


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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Requesting repeat performance... Plus some

His hands were gently massaging my back, shoulders, neck. I needed this. All the tension drained from my body. Then I noticed the sensations his hands were giving me. I could feel myself getting wet. He tentatively started to explore other areas. I didn't stop him. He was correct in assuming this was a clear signal to keep going. He removed my top. I felt so exposed to him. He was caressing me the entire time. He finished undressing me. How vulnerable I was! -- But so aroused!!
He now added his mouth to the mix. Never has that warm wetness ever felt so good. He made his way down to my vagina. It was unbelievable. I came hard, and I came fast.
After recovering for a brief moment, it was time to reciprocate. He reached for me, but I stopped him.
"Just lay back", I said, "and enjoy it."


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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Oh the possibilities...

We were out at a club with friends. Friends that don't know what we do in private. They assume we would never have sex. And that's just fine. I enjoy having this secret. After we are there for a while, my desire for him becomes too great. But what can we do?

I decide to take a little walk with him out of the club. I take him to where I have my car parked. There are giant pillars there. We go behind one, out of sight from the street. We begin to kiss. But that's not why I brought him here. I pull away from the kiss to attack his neck. I am running my hands all over his beautiful body. I unfasten his pants so I can feel him grow hard in my hand. After a few minutes, I take him into my mouth. Normally, there would be more build up, but there's no time for that now. I get him wet, and then wrap my hand around him as an extension of my mouth. I am going up and down faster, then slower, twisting my hand the entire time. Paying attention to the tip, and then going down as far as I can until I feel him in my throat. Coming back up slowly, going down fast. I am always changing my rhythm. After a little bit, I fall into a steady rhythm. I want him to cum in my mouth.

And he does.

We then straighten ourselves out, and head back to the club and our friends.


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Everyone should try this.

Sitting on a park bench, looking at the stars..
We get up to explore the area some more. However, he had exploring of his own in mind.
He kisses me. I love kissing him.
He turns me around so my back is against him. It is arousing in how impersonal it is. We could be complete strangers. I give in to his power.
He lifts my shirt, and my breasts are exposed to the night air.
I wonder how far he will take it. I never know with him. He is so unpredictable. I soon find out.
He lowers my pants, forcefully bends me over, and begins to rub me with his penis. I reach between my legs to stroke him at the same time. With my other hand, I am holding onto the bench to keep my balance.
He penetrates me. I close my eyes, forget that we are outside, and that anyone could come by without warning. I am lost in the moment.
I do finally remember to look around at my surroundings. The thrill of being outside in a public place turns me on even more.
He pulls out without cumming.
This was just a teaser for what was to come...


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He laid on top of me. I wanted him inside me. He teased me by stroking his penis against the outside of my vagina. I felt him getting hard. I knew if I moved my hips a certain way, he would slip right inside me. But there was no protection there, and we are both very safety conscious.
He and I were both getting more and more aroused. It was so tempting. My hips would twitch with the desire to be in exactly the right place. I had to fight with myself to keep in control.
When it seemed neither one of us could keep a level head about it anymore, we stopped.
It was erotic enough where I felt like we did have sex.

...but still wanted to be fucked.


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We spent the entire night hanging out, going to different places, seeing many people. There was tension there. Good tension. I didn't know what was going to happen. We hadn't done anything before. I decided to let him take the lead. We have different ideas about when is 'too soon'.

We make it back to his place. I still have no idea if anything is going to happen. I have pretty much figured another night will pass without any sexual activities.

I was wrong.

He kissed me, and undressed me-- right there in the living room. He knew exactly what he wanted... but he wasn't telling. I was laying there, naked, and he was still fully clothed. He held my hands down, and proceeded to do exactly what he had planned. He kissed my body, and made his way down to my clit. Oh my God! He actually knew what he was doing!!! For the first time in a long time, I was enjoying myself. It was perfect that he was holding me down. He was allowing me to 'just feel'. I came (I actually had an orgasm? Wow. This is one for the books) faster than historically normal.

I was laying there, recovering, wondering what was going to happen next (and assuming I knew). But that was it. He was done for the night. He got me off, and that was good enough for him. Fascinating...


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Saturday, November 06, 2004

For example...

He walked up and gently grabbed my arm. I looked up at him questioningly. He stepped in, covered the back of my head with his hand, and pulled me in for a kiss. I reach up and around him. I love to stroke the back of his neck and head-- while using my other hand to feel as much of him as I can. He senses me melt into him. I know he perceives this when he clutches my hair in his strong hand, directing me where he wants me to go. He backs me up against a wall. I feel his forceful body pressing against me. He's done so little, but has had such a profound effect on me. His hand, still in my hair, pulls my head back against the wall. He kisses and bites my neck. I want to kiss him. I want to taste his neck in my mouth... but he only lets me for a few seconds before forcing my head back again. He lifts up my leg, and I do my best to keep it wrapped around him-- because that's where he wants it. More kissing, more biting... until he picks me up, and carries me into the bedroom. I love how much stronger he is than me.
He sets me down gently, and leans in for more kissing. Then he surprises me by pivoting me, and forcing me to bend over. He pushes me down, holding me down by my hair. His weight presses me down. He begins biting my shoulders, my back, my neck... Never releasing me, even though I want to move up against him, stroke him...
He flips me over and lifts me farther up onto the bed. He then works his way down. I feel myself relaxing into the bed, sinking into the feeling... I reach up to caress and stroke this man that is working me over. I love how smooth his skin is, while still enjoying the hardness of his muscles. Just when I am getting lost in the feel of him, he grabs my hands and holds them. He isn't allowing me to touch him anymore. He is silently commanding me to notice only the sensations he is giving me. He makes his way to my clit, and none too soon. He knows just how long to make me wait. I feel his tongue on my clit, and I lose all rational thought. Way before I expect to, I have an orgasm. All I want now is to have him inside me. It's all I can think about, but he hasn't stopped savoring me.
Finally, I can't take it anymore. I love how his tongue feels, but my impatience has won out. I need to be pounded by him NOW. I don't care what position or even how many positions: I just want him inside me.
After torturing me for a little while longer, letting me know who is in charge, he obliges. When he enters, I feel myself stretching around him. I am so wet, it slips right in. He does a few slow strokes, but then gives me what he knows I want: a good fucking. Fast and hard, always keeping me where he wants me, using my hair as reigns. It goes on and on, but stops way too soon. But any stopping is too soon. I don't want the sensation to end.
And after all the rough play, he pulls me close, showing another side of him.


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